Why The Identity Crisis?

People have been asking me a lot lately about the discrepancies between the paleo diet and what I eat.

I read a lot of the paleo blogs and books, I certainly ‘eat up’ all the paleo recipes. But I think there is more to nutrition than just paleo. Mark Sisson has the right idea, he does the Primal Blueprint, because that’s what it is; a blueprint. Dave Asprey, the bulletproof executive, has the Bulletproof Diet which is like paleo upgraded. Me? I’m just trying to be as healthy as I can be.. like a nutri-vore!

The thing is, every good ‘diet’ can be done wrong. The most well meaning paleo person can ruin their weight loss efforts by eating a crap load of coconut flour, honey and agave nectar, all which fall under the umbrella of paleo. Hell, mix in a couple of banana’s and you may as well have a snickers bar and a can of coke! (slight theatrical exaggeration).

The same can be said for fats. As a follower of the paleo diet you can diligently fry up your bacon, sausages and steak until they’re charred on the outside and the fat just crisps up nicely. But you won’t be doing yourself any favors. Those fats are oxidized and that does not mean clean energy.

I’m not interested in dieting. I’m not interesting in subscribing to a certain ‘way’ of eating. All I’m interested in is being as healthy as I can be. It started with paleo and it’s getting modified all the time as I learn more and more about nutrition. So here is a run down of what I eat, why I eat it, and how I prepare it.

Coffee (not technically paleo)

Coffee is richer in polyphenols and flavonoids than all other foods by a long shot, including fruit and vegetables. Coffee is linked to preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s. It also helps with cognitive function and can aid weight loss. Decaf coffee is not the same. It has been linked to heart disease and it can also contain traces of methylene chloride which is used to strip the caffeine from the beans. If you can’t handle caffeinated coffee then I would advise not to drink it at all.

I have always loved coffee. I was so relieved when I found out just how good it is for you. It’s one thing I would have had a lot of trouble giving up. I have a Breville espresso machine and I use Caffe Romeo coffee beans. Other ways I would make my coffee is with a french press or nescafe instant coffee. JOKE! I think bad coffee can do a lot of harm so I would recommend putting effort into selecting a coffee that makes you feel really good with no side effects.

Raw milk/butter/ghee (not paleo)

I’ve gone over raw milk in previous posts. The health benefits are there and if the lactose and casein don’t have a bad effect on you then it’s worth drinking. Pasteurized and homogenized milks do not count. Light milk, skim milk, low fat and no fat milk do not count. Powdered and UHT milk do not count. There are plenty of places you can get raw milk in Melbourne, brands include Aphrodite Dairy and Schultz Organic Farms.

Butter is a a great healthy fat source and super tasty. I add it to pretty much everything I eat. You can’t get much better than steamed broccoli with melted butter or seafood lightly tossed in butter. All vegetables taste better with butter! The health benefits are vast. Butter is a rich source of vitamin A, D, E and K. It also contains heaps of lauric acid (anti-fungal) and can also help protect against tooth decay. It contains MCT oils that are known to assist with weight loss and are a great source of energy. Best of all, it’s completely satiating. By the way, I’m talking about raw or organic and grass fed butter, not nasty $2 butter that is made from frankenstein cows in lots. I buy Organic Times or Pepe Saya.

Then there is Ghee. Ghee is clarified butter that originates from Southern Asia. The lactose, proteins and other milk solids are removed in the process of making ghee which is almost completely just butter fat. It is a saturated fat that is very stable at high temperatures. It is great to cook with and a tastier alternative to lard (in my opinion). You can buy Ghee in the butter section at Coles (Safeway does not stock it for some reason).

Chocolate (not paleo)

Ummm because its the best thing ever? I actually went over chocolate a little in a reply to a comment in my last post. I quickly went over raw versus normal chocolate and what to look out for when looking for good quality chocolate.

I would recommend the following brands:

Green and Blacks

Monsieur Truffe

Lindt Excellence 70% and 85% chocolate

Supplements (paleo?)

I actually think its pretty mainstream paleo to supplement. Its pretty mainstream in the whole western world to supplement. I take combinations of the following daily:

Vitamin C

Vitamin D


Krill Oil

I also take a handful of others when I need to. For example, I have always had terrible fingernail strength and to combat this I will sometimes take Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin E. I don’t take multi vitamins (like the old Vitamin B complex pill) and if I was to supplement with an anti-oxidant it would be Grape Seed Extract. I used to take Iron because I was severely iron deficient but I don’t need to anymore. There are some others that I’d love to play around with but I think between my diet and my staples, I’m pretty well set.

So, I’ll keep reading and upgrading and adjusting. I’ll eat my veggies and meat and fat and chocolate and I’ll drink my milk and chew on my Vitamin C tablet in the mornings, until I find something that convinces me that there is a better way and then I’ll do that.

If you’d like to know more, or you have any questions at all, get in touch on here or through Facebook.




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3 responses to “Why The Identity Crisis?

  1. clairember@gmail.com

    Tess love, this is the article I was telling you about – http://blisstree.com/live/obesity/its-true-sitting-is-killing-you-515/ =)

  2. Jaimee Loveless

    Hi Tess,
    Besides from looking at the actual ingredients, I was wondering when buying food, example cheese – which section of the nutritional information should be low/medium/high for it to be okay to eat for a diet similar to yours.
    (Energy, protein, fat & saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugars and sodium.)

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